Terms & Conditions


    1. Guardianjewellery.co.uk offers are subject to your gold passing our testing procedure (to confirm carat content). Once your gold has passed the test, we will immediately send your payment.
    2. If your gold does not pass our test, we will call you with a revised offer. If you are not happy with this offer, we will return your gold via Royal Mail Special Delivery.
    3. We take considerable care to ensure our prices are accurate. However, we recognise that mistakes can occur, and we reserve the right to correct these when they happen.
    4. Guardianjewellery.co.uk will only take into consideration the precious metal content of your items and will use the approximated weight only as a guide.
    5. Guardianjewellery.co.uk will only evaluate payment for the precious metal content of your items, guardianjewellery.co.uk will not be held responsible for any gemstones contained in your items.
    6. The guardianjewellery.co.uk calculator acts as a guide only and should not be considered as a binding offer.
    7. Any official offer made by guardianjewellery.co.uk for your items will only be valid for a period of 24 hours.
    8. An offer for your items made by guardianjewellery.co.uk will only be officially accepted by email or text.
    9. Items may become tarnished where testing takes place. Such tarnishing is however superficial and can be polished out. In some circumstances, it may be necessary to scrape a small sample of metal from the item. If this occurs, we will always do our best to ensure this is done on an area of the item that is not usually visible.
    10. If, following testing, we determine an item is not of the minimum standard of precious metal, it will be returned to the customer using Royal Mail Recorded Delivery. Guardianjewellery.co.uk reserves the right to charge £10 for this service.
    11. Guardianjewellery.co.uk will not be held liable for any loss or damage to any items whilst in transit to us.
    12. Please ensure you package all items appropriately.
    13. For our mutual safety (and to facilitate any potential claim against the postal company), items requiring a signature on delivery will be inspected for damage or tampering to the envelope. If packaging has been damaged or tampered with, we reserve the right to return to sender. If we can identify you as the sender (from the unique shipping label), we will contact you to advise of our actions.
    14. Following acceptance of guardianjewellery.co.uk offer and the payment has been received, guardianjewellery.co.uk consider the transaction complete and closed.
    15. You the customer declare that you are over 18 and have title to the items sent to us and have the full authority to sell and transfer the said property.
    16. Your details are confidential, and you will never receive unsolicited mail as a result of using Guardianjewellery.co.uk
    17. It is our policy not to sell or pass any information to any other organisations unless we are required to do so for
    18. Fraud prevention and detection. All information is retained in accordance with Data Protection Act 1998.
    19. Your use of the website accepts this statement.
    20. By using this service and therefore accepting the terms and conditions stated here you agree that these Terms and Conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the law of England and Wales and that any potential dispute will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.
      1. In any event that some of the terms and conditions stated herein will be invalid by a court this shall not affect the remainder part of these terms and conditions.
      2. Guardianjewellery.co.uk reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time without notice provided. It is entirely your responsibility to check before using the guardianjewellery.co.uk website to see whether such updates have occurred
    21. Should you have any query on our website security or privacy statement please contact enquiry@guardianjewellery.co.uk